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On my first look at the book Alien Physics, I was daunted by the table of contents. There were several words in the table of contents that were in the English language, but they were foreign to me. However, when I began reading the book I was amazed by the clarity of the message Avery was bringing. He does not leave the reader in the dark. He first of all defines the words that would have given me trouble. Ron Avery writes with clarity.

What is more the message of this book is really exciting. Let me say at the outset that I am a Christian and I believe in a great God. Avery caused me to broaden my horizons to see a God greater than I had ever imagined. How did he do that? He did it by expounding the Scriptures. If you would ask him how he came up with the concepts included in this book he might say, "it's in the Bible."

Indeed whenever I began to think that he was writing something outrageous, he would quell that thought with Scripture. What is his chief contention? It is that God, in Christ Jesus, has transformed us and the world through His life, death, resurrection, and ascension.

What he is arguing against is the idea that there is a parallel universe out there which can only be accessed when we die. His world is the Pauline world. It is the world of the letter to the Colossians that declares the nature of Christ who is all in all. In Him all things consist. The very cosmos is held together by Him. He is the creator of the world. He also occupies His created world and does not live in a parallel universe. There is no one beyond God, in Christ, out there.

Avery's argument is that most of our problems in understanding have come from the fact that the Christian Gospel has been occulted. That is the Gospel has been hidden. In addition to that, science has become a false religion. The two together have maintained a false equilibrium. The Gospel message has been hidden, and science has failed to speak the truth.

Avery lays a portion of the blame for the hidden Gospel on our failure to declare what the true nature of man is. Unlike most theologians he does not see man as a bi-unity, body and soul, nor as a trinity, body, soul, and spirit, but as a quaternion, heart, soul, mind, and strength. He draws this understanding from the New Testament as a whole. He also draws it from the words of Jesus who said that we were to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Of particular concern to Avery is loving God with all our mind, which he believes has been underused in our modern understanding of the Christian faith. He is concerned that much of the occulting of the Gospel has come about because the Gospel has been hidden behind emotion. It has not been marched out into the light of reason and the mind where it can shine with its true brightness.

His description of God is also Biblical. He describes God as I AM ONE LIVING. That means that God has an eternal existence, an undivided oneness, and is God of the living. He calls this the Domain Triad.

The most fascinating section of the book is the section where he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Christ is a hyper space alien. Not only that, Christ crowds out the very possibility of there being any other space aliens outside of Himself. He visited the earth from hyper space and by a cosmic operation set men free. The operation that He performed joined them to His death, resurrection, and ascension. The present place where we who have trusted in the Gospel now reside is in the third heaven at the right hand of God the Father. We are in Christ and He is in us. He is our all in all.

One of the key issues for Avery is the intermingling and mixing of faith and grace in modern theology. Many have written of grace and faith as if they were interchangeable terms. It just so happens that they are linked, but the link is not that they are the same. God acted in grace by sending Jesus to live, die, be resurrected and ascend in our behalf. We appropriate the benefits of that grace when we place our faith in Christ. What is perhaps worse than the confusion between faith and grace is that both concepts have been defined incorrectly. They have been turned into the "hope so'' of modern culture, rather than Biblical hope, faith, or grace.

The first section that I turned to was not the introduction. It was the section in which Avery recounts six conversations with people of various beliefs. When I first read this section I did not realize that this section formed the background for the entire book. It only became apparent later. His purpose is to communicate the Gospel in all of its truth and power to people like these. Alien Physics is written to provide a tool for discovering the truth of the Gospel.

Even though there were a number of belief structures involved, in the people he interviewed, none of them comprehended that what Christ did was an actual physical operation that changed things forever. Neither could they understand that access to God's benefits was available now. The concept of Christ filling the entire cosmos was also foreign to them. Nevertheless all of these concepts are the Biblical understanding.

Furthermore there was a wide spread belief in aliens from other planets among them. This is a concept that becomes impossible when you understand the Biblical concept of a creator who fills all in all.

I must confess that, when I got to the section concerning Avery's having written a letter to Life Magazine, I stopped reading for several days. It seemed just too outrageous to me that he would write that he was a hyper space alien. Beyond that he wrote that he had the answers to the questions included in an article in Life Magazine.

After several days I came back to the book. In the meantime I had become convinced that what Avery said was true. We, in fact, by our faith in Jesus Christ, have been joined to Christ. If He is an alien from hyper space, so are we. Paul said as much. The book of Ephesians states: "We are seated in the heavenlies.'' We reside in the third heaven. What does that make us? We are brothers of Christ. If He is an alien, who are we?

Avery includes a critique of the book and the movie, Contact. The book was written by Carl Sagan. The movie starred Matthew McConaughey and Jodie Foster. McConaughey's character was a former preacher, and Foster's character was a scientist. Avery pointed out that both were unbelievers. Both failed to recognize the truth of the Bible. Both presented a false picture of the universe. They were looking for truth to come from alien intelligence. The United States government reproduced their error by setting up a similar scheme to Sagan's book in NASA-SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial intelligence).

Avery sent a letter to Life Magazine to be passed on to NASA-SETI. He wrote that he, in fact, was a hyper space alien and had the answers to the questions posed in Life Magazine concerning the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. When he wrote the letter he did not know that Sagan's book also had a letter from the scientist's mother which provided the answer that she had been seeking. Alas! The letter from Avery did not received the kind of attention from SETI that the letter in Contact received. The Avery letter had the answers to the questions being asked.

I first thought Avery's contact with NASA via "Life Magazine" was outrageous. I now see it as common sense. After all SETI cost the American tax payers millions of dollars with out a single result. Avery's letter did provide the answers at no cost to the tax-payer.

In any case, I have not read a more provocative book in years. Indeed it is as he states as a chapter heading: "Heuristic Value of Alien Physics." Heuristic means an aid to discovery. This book, Alien Physics, has aided me in discovering a God who is far greater than I ever dreamed.


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