All photos shown on this page were scanned from the cover and inside of the Life Magazine article that the real hyperspace alien responded to. They are reproduced here in "fair use" not for commercial gain but for immediate proof of the article. It is recommended that you find the Life Magazine of September 1992 with this cover and read the article for yourself.


Welcome to the site of the hyperspace alien who responded to the call of NASA SETI and promised to tell them the answers to all the questions they had asked and about continual life in deep space. ap-l-at.jpg

There was a real CONTACT but it was covered up! The proper term for what really occurred was a COLLISION! This was a collision between mythological modern science and reality. A faulty hypothesis was used to develop a search for "extraterrestrial intelligence" based upon a book entitled Contact. A movie was later made based upon the book written by Carl Sagan about something that did not happen while LIFE MAGAZINE has covered up an actual contact made by a real ET! Proof of this is contained in a book called Alien Physics written by the Real Hyperspace Alien that attempted to contact NASA SETI via LIFE MAGAZINE in 1992 and promised to tell them the answers to all the questions mankind has asked for centuries.

You can read this letter in the appendix of Alien Physics. You can order this book from me at