The Real "Contact"

Remember the Movie about a "CONTACT" with extraterrestrial life forms that did not happen? Well, you may read the letter from a real hyperspace alien to NASA SETI one month after the start of the search for an ET. This letter appears in the book Alien Physics.

All photos shown on this page were scanned from the inside of the Life Magazine article that the real hyperspace alien responded to. They are reproduced here in "fair use" not for commercial gain but for immediate proof of the article. It is recommended that you find the Life Magazine of September 1992 and read the article for yourself.


The above scanned photo shows Jill Tarter, project scientist for NASA SETI and Frank Drake, professor of astronomy at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The letter from a true hyperspace alien was sent to them via LIFE Magazine. This project was funded with 100 million tax dollars. Funding was later cancelled in 1994 by a bill by the past Democratic Senator Richard Bryan of Navada.

The book "Contact" by Carl Sagan was published in 1985. A five year project called "Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence" was funded through NASA in 1992 based upon the theory set forth by Sagan and his associates and described in his book. Funding for the project was cancelled two years later in 1994. Either, LIFE magazine did not forward the REAL CONTACT to NASA SETI or NASA SETI and SETI INSTITUTE and the project "scientists" covered up the real contact.

These so called scientists do not understand the spatial principals in effect in our time. They do not acknowledge the physical operation that has been performed on the cosmos nor how to travel to the galaxies nor will they make the trip. They will be stuck in a black hole of no escape unless they become knowledgeable of the laws of space outlined in the book Alien Physics.