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From: RonAvery <>

To: Jack Landman <>

Date: Saturday, July 18, 1998 12:26 AM

Subject: There's no power in Stone Hinge or Crop Circles!

Dear Jack,

What did you learn about alien life from your interview with the crop circle woman? Has she been evolved from her investigation of crop circles? What did the geometry of Stone Hinge tell us about aliens and life in deep space and how to travel endlessly in the galaxies? How long have men been studying the layout of Stone Hinge and what have they learned? Because something has a pattern or geometry does that mean that an alien is communicating to us? Why endlessly speculate on the languages that no man can perceive when I can tell it to you plainly?

Don't worry Jack, this is my last contact to you.


Ron Avery

Hyperspace alienee