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From: RonAvery <>

To: <>

Date: Sunday, July 12, 1998 2:42 PM

Subject: Hyperspace Alien revealed himself to SETI in 1992 & was


Dear Jack,

I enjoyed being on your program for a moment last Saturday. You asked me the question; ''why have you just now revealed yourself?'' I gave a short inaccurate response. In fact, I sent a 9 page single spaced letter to NASA SETI in October of 1992 in response to an article about the start up of their SETI 100 million dollar government grant. I never heard a word from them. I told them they had indeed contacted a true hyperspace alien and that their project was successful. I told them I was an hyperspace alien and that I could give them all the answers about continual hyper space travel to the most distant galaxies, which I can do. They did not contact me. This certified return receipt requested, letter will appear in my book to appear on January 1, 2000. This next contact will not be as complementary as the first. I look forward to being on your show next week if you like. I will explain many other physical principles operating in the cosmos that prove many popular speculations about aliens to be false.


Ronald F. Avery

hyperspace Alienee

PS say hi to Rici and Carl