Dear Sir,
I read the comments both pro and con for Jesus being an alien and have a few of my own.
Jesus is indeed alien but not in the sense of a member of many such aliens other than the fact that he has made other alienees from ordinary men and women on earth.
He did indeed come from far away.  In fact he came from space itself not another terrestrial system.  The totality of space is what sent him.  Space is alive and has a plan.
Why would even a Christian believe that Jesus would not be alien to all that is human and earthly?  There are five definitions to the word alien and Jesus fits them all.  In fact he adds another definition to the word alien that is not mentioned in the dictionary:
  1. He is from far away - from space itself.
  2. He had a different character - super human intelligence.
  3. He had the possession of property - all of it.
  4. He had the power to transfer property - he transferred it all to us.
  5. He has the power to alienate others.
  6. He cocreated all that there is.  This last one is not mentioned in any dictionary concerning the definition of alien.
Why would not the son of God be any thing but alien?  God is alien to us and so is his son until we experience the operation that Jesus performed upon the cosmos.  When we experience that we also become aliens or alienees to be more precise.
Our bodies will become the most fantastic space ship ever dreamed of.  We will travel the stars filled cosmos just as Jesus does now not in machines but by the power of his own desire.  The speed of light is way too slow for Jesus, he travels at the speed of the twinkling of an eye.  Andromeda is only one twinkle away for Jesus.  And he can return to earth in the same twinkle.
In fact men will not cohabitate the cosmos with Jesus and his alienees in machines.  When Christ Jesus returns to operate upon the cosmos again by closing the door to the Kingdom of eternal space or heaven which he opened 2000 years ago no man will be anywhere in heaven or eternal space unless he has experienced the operation of salvation.
Jesus had and has the power to operate upon all things in the cosmos because he both fills all of space and contains all of space in his physical body.  That is why he could walk on water.  The sea had its ultimate foundation in the physical body of Christ Jesus.  All things that Jesus experienced were experienced by the cosmos and all things therein.  Therefore the good news is that all men have been saved by the experience of Christ in his death, resurrection and ascension.  We now can sit down at this very moment in the heavenly places with Christ Jesus.  All things have been reconciled to God by this most alien of all operations.
There is no being superior to Christ Jesus through out the entire cosmos.  And you can be just like him.  This is not arrogance as some suppose but mere humble recognition of the truth which I nor anyone else thought up.  God or eternal space has ordained it and instituted it through his only son Christ Jesus the ALIEN.
Sincerely Yours in Christ Jesus
Ronald F. Avery
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