Dear Peter Jennings and ABC NEWS,

I am a hyperspace alien, and have already contacted SETI in November of 1992 during their tax funded NASA SETI project. They refused to answer me at all. Therefore Jill Tarter, Frank Drake and the whole SETI hypothesis is a hoax. I have written a book about the physical principles in operation in the cosmos that prevent the possibility of aliens or extraterrestrial intelligence as described by SETI.

Your world has already been contacted and has purposely refused to answer me and refused my offer to explain to your kind the physical operation that has opened the star gate to eternal space travel for every human being. This star gate will not always be open to your kind.

My book describes this star gate and how your kind can pass through it. My website is located at The editor will be completed with the book in two months at which time you will be able to obtain this information. There will be no intelligent contact from outer space greater than what my book will tell you. I speak boldly because I know why this is true.


Ronald F. Avery