Most people including Christians believe in "life in outer space." Many including Christians believe that this life could be "superior" to human life.

It is socially acceptable to:

  • listen to the Art Bell radio show. re: Art Bell on the Web or The George Noory Show (that doesn't mean I don't listen).
  • to claim to have seen an alien from another planet or star.
  • to claim to have seen an Alien space craft .
  • to claim to have been abducted by an alien.
  • to claim to have been implanted with an alien device by an alien performing the surgery.
  • to claim that the pyramids and Stone Hinge were built by aliens from another planet or solar system etc.


    It is totally unacceptable to claim to be an


    who has been transformed from one type of creature to another type of creature - a material man to a spatial man capable of eternal space travel?

    I cannot deny that I am such an alien!

    I have undergone a spatial and physical operation performed by a hyperspace alien that visited this planet 2000 years ago. This alien performed an operation upon all things in the cosmos while on planet earth. This alien had a special capacity to fill all of space and to contain all of space in his body. It only followed then, that all he experienced was experienced by all things in the cosmos to the most remote of the stars and galaxies. This alien was hated by modern thinkers, philosophers, priests, scientists and politicians. They had him killed, they had him buried. But several days later he got up from the grave and talked with his friends and about a month later went straight up into the clouds as his friends watched.

    Now he was sent to earth by no other then eternal space. He was at one with all space and time and that entity sent him to earth. And his whole mission was to operate on all things in the cosmos in front of mankind. He would not be able to do this operation if it had not been for the fact that he had all space and time in his body. When he died all things in the cosmos died. When he was resurrected (as had to be because, as I said, he already had all of space and time inside himself giving him power to lay down his life and take it again) all things in the cosmos were resurrected. When he ascended back into space, where he came from, he took all things in the cosmos back into space. All things were made new again. All things were recreated.

    Therefore I cannot deny that I too have been operated upon by all space to become a new hyperspace alien capable of eternal life in outer space. This operation is free and available to all mankind.

    The first hyperspace alien that performed this operation on all things is


    This site and the book you may now order from the link on the navigation bar to the left is dedicated to an explanation of the power of Christ to transform all things in the cosmos. It is also dedicated to exposing the strongholds of Satan in the false ideas he has created that he may escape the pit and deceive the nations once again.