Oct. 18, 2000

Dear Honorable Lamar Smith

I am pleased to hear that you are on the House Space Subcommittee and represent me from the 21st District of Texas as well. Your TX21 Update concerning the increase in the NASA Budget prompted the following serious concerns: I would like to see you draft legislation to accompany any increased expenditure in space exploration that would prevent the use of modern technology to further an anti Christian philosophy that is in error both scientifically as well as theologically and logically.

You mentioned that today science is, at best, as much about philosophy as facts. And I can demonstrate that modern science is also used to promote philosophy and political agenda and falsehood. And your Update contains this tainted philosophy and political agenda. Space exploration under the NASA SETI $100 million project was more dangerous to mankind than any horoscope. The premise behind that project was a bogus and pseudo as it gets. And I will demonstrate why momentarily. You mentioned that there were three benefits of space exploration besides the well known teflon frying pan. You stated that space exploration will answer questions about the origin of the universe, the future of our planet and the likelihood of other intelligent life among the stars. You are not aware then that all these questions have already been answered in our own western civilization and are now lost as it crumbles in the dust of corruption and insanity. I will demonstrate this also to your satisfaction momentarily.

You closed your Update with the climax of your appeal with our presumed desire and hope: "Who knows, perhaps some great space discovery will lift our hearts and minds beyond earth's problems and unite citizens of the world in a common endeavor." This comment is common now among those who are trying to escape the truth and reality of what we already know about the cosmos. This is a statement of those building a one world government, religion and economy.

Now for the proof of what I have said. Our present "scientific philosophy" contains many errors concerning the nature and entity of space. Space is the most unique living entity. The Kingdom of Heaven to our forefathers was the stars and galaxies above us. This is no longer the case. We have removed the Kingdom of Heaven to a parallel invisible Kingdom which is only knowable upon death. This I call the Duel World view. It is gross error both in Christianity and science. Galileo Galilei knew that the planets and stars he observed exist in the Kingdom of Heaven. Newton also perceived this accurately as well as general society at the time. Now however there has been a shift in stated perception. Einstein and Sagan both believed that heaven was in another dimension and not penetrable by the mind but in death only if at all. Having convinced others of this most horrendous error, science set out to find its origin and its destiny and to travel to the stars. But Galileo knew how to go to the stars In 1614 he wrote "From these things it follows as a necessary consequence that, since the Holy Ghost did not intend to teach us whether heaven moves or stands still, whether its shape is spherical or like a discus or extended in a plane, nor whether the earth is located at its center or off to one side, then so much the less was it intended to settle for us any other conclusion of the same kind....That the intention of the Holy Ghost is to teach us how one goes to heaven, not how heaven goes." You see that he makes no distinction between the dimension he looked into at night with his telescope and the place he would one day travel by the Holy Ghost.

Einstein and Sagan however, cannot perceive this reality and they have convinced society that there is some other way to get to heaven around the door to the stars in Jesus Christ, the son of the entirety of the living eternal space. Sagan has his heroine in his book "Contact" thinking to herself his view. "She imagined a heaven with all those nice moms and dads floating about or flapping over to a nearby cloud. It would have to be a commodious place to accommodate all the tens of billions of people who had lived and died since the emergence of the human species. It might be very crowded, she was thinking, unless the religious heaven was built on a scale something like the astronmical heaven. Then there'd be room to spare." You see here that Sagan does not perceive of the Kingdom of Heaven the way Galileo and Newton did. Sagan represents the mind-set of today and the type of science we are spending our money on. Its obvious that Sagan really does not believe in a religious heaven at all with these cute mental pictures but he also does not believe that one can go to the stars above by the operation of Christ Jesus upon the cosmos. Modern science then has turned to a search for life, purpose, origin, destiny, survival, and salvation of themselves and the planet. But we already know every bit of that. And it is not possible to know it better than we have known it in the past. The knowledge of these things have been occulted or covered up by modern pseudo science serving a political agenda to create a one world government, religion and economy.

The kind of statement you closed your TX21 Update with is reflective of this anti-Christian agenda as was Carl Sagan's book and movie called "Contact." But this is not just fun movies and books, Sagan's premise taken from his book "Contact" was funded with 100 million tax dollars, some of which was taken from Christians. You have stated that space exploration rests on 400 years of exploration and knowledge. This obviously came from men like Galileo and Newton and many other Christian scientists who knew what space was and how to travel there and remain there eternally. Now I ask that you approve only space exploration that is in keeping with that ancient knowledge of the door way to the stars in Christ Jesus the savior of the world and all the galaxies. For the power of Christ to save only one man is the same power that has killed, resurrected and ascended all things back to God. This undoubtedly also proves that there is no superior race through out all of eternal space. Jesus Christ filled all of space and contained all of space in his physical body and operated upon all things in space in his passion and ascension. Therefore there cannot be a greater operation performed by any creature or entity. Christ Jesus is the creator, sustainer and redeemer of the cosmos and no other shall be found now or forever that is superior. And likewise since we are like him and can be modified by his operation to become eternal we too are superior to all life forms found now on earth or to be found anywhere in the cosmos.

Once you have experienced the operation that Christ performed upon the cosmos you know how space works upon mankind and how the speculations of modern pseudo science are false concerning continual life in deep space with machines and the like and other more superior creatures to help us. If God cannot help us who can? He came here 2000 years ago and our time line is short. It is clear that God fixed the bounds of our habitation that we might seek and find him and then travel to the stars by and through him and no other way. Men in machines will not cohabitate with the redeemed in the same star filled heaven when Christ returns and closes the door to the Kingdom. If you want to really get serious about the future get serious about the transformation of men by Christ Jesus.

We already have the good news for mankind and all creatures, we already know our future for ourselves and our planet. We already have the reason to unite for a common purpose. Therefore I ask that you not fund any endeavor that impedes the spread of the good news of Jesus Christ to pseudo scientists and all others locked in death. Approve only space exploration after such bill contains a provision that no purpose or statement will be made concerning the ultimate purpose or destiny of mankind which is made manifest by the revelation of the Son of God, Christ Jesus. Exploration should be restricted to those with immediate benefit for mankind on earth.


Ronald F. Avery