Dear Ron,

I hope you are doing well. As you can see from our past correspondence below, it has been quite a while since our last communication. I was sad to learn this evening via your website that Silver Eagle Taphouse has closed down.

Recently, my spiritual studies have brought me back to the ideas in Alien Physics. I am giving a presentation to a Christ-centered group this Friday and wanted to tie in some ideas from your book. However, over the course of several moves during and after college, I misplaced my copy!

Is there any chance you have a digital copy (PDF or MS Word) you could send me? I would be grateful.

Thank you,
David B.

Richardson, Texas

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Dear David,
I am always pleased to hear from anyone interested in these ideas and especially one who has read my book. I am embarrassed to say I don't remember meeting you, but we must have some other interest, as I see you emailed me from my political website instead of the Alien Physics website. If we have met please accept my apologies for not remembering. If you could refresh my memory that would be fun. But the most fun is in answering your question that indeed most people find very difficult but that Christ answered very directly and openly:
Did Jesus not say something like, "He that believeth in me shall never die?" Most people dismiss that as something to happen later after we die. Well, then Jesus was just pulling our leg, right? Wrong! He was very straight and open about it, we just don't understand how he could say it until we possess eternal life by our death, resurrection and ascension with him to sit down in the Heavenly places with Christ Jesus as did at least I know St. Paul and myself did as stated by Paul in Ephesians 2:6.
Remember that the record of the Baptism of Christ by John does not only demonstrate the Trinity of personalities but also the Complementary Image
Capacity of Christ to both implete or fill the cosmos but to envelop or contain the cosmos. You have come very close to answering your friend's question, because it does depend on what you described below. He that identifies with Christ does so in his death, resurrection and ascension. One that does so is where Christ is now. They are then in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. So the real question is "how could one possibly die when they already have eternal life and live presently in the Kingdom of Heaven?" The very definition of eternal life does not permit death. Death is swallowed up in victory.
It is obvious then that eternal life has nothing to do with people walking around thinking they are alive, when if fact we now know they are dead. As Jesus said, "Let the dead bury their dead, but come and follow me." Who's dead - all these people walking around thinking they are alive. They are worried about death because they are dead. The dead do not live and they do not live later after what they consider death. But the eternal do not regard the body as life but merely a vessel of their eternal life.
But now her full question: "What happens when we die?" First we don't die as said above. Then what state are we in after we temporarily lose our vessels? We are at one with Christ and the entire cosmos to the end of the galaxies and beyond until we receive our glorified body as Christ now has. We therefore wait at one with Christ and all space and time until the return of Christ and the resurrection of our bodies to unite with our life or eternal space or spirit. At that time we will be able to manifest our bodies where we want them anywhere in space in the twinkling of an eye. Why wonder what is after death when you can die now with Christ and find out exactly what is on the other side? That was fun and I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.
Good luck at UT Dallas and feel free to email me as often as you like with any questions.
Ron Avery
Hyperspace Extraterrestrial Alienee
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Date: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 2:55 PM
Subject: Death and the Cosmos

Hi Ron,

A couple months ago I bought your book and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  The concepts contained therein are valuable in that they make sense both Biblically and logically. I'm about to begin the process of re-reading it to solidify the concepts in my mind.

I was discussing cosmic theology (your book in particular) with a friend last night.  I explained to her the relationship of the Trinity as you described so well through the account of Jesus' baptism.  When He died, all of creation within Him died and was then resurrected with him as new creation.  When we as Christians receive the knowledge of grace, we, like Christ, become united with God, and hence we contain all the cosmos.

She then asked me, "What happens when we die?"  I admitted to her that I did not have an answer to that question, because it seems to me that if we contain the cosmos as Christ did, if any of us were to die, all of creation would then die as well.  How then do you explain the death of Christians?

This was the major hole I have not been able to reconcile after reading your book, but I hope you will be able to provide a good answer.

David B.