Dear Lisa,

The following is a summary of our 1/27/03 conversation on the phone. I will be posting this on my web site. If you would like to make some changes in its content please let me know. The end of it is a little sketchy and I hope you can help me with what the actual ending of our conversation was regarding my appearance on Coast to Coast AM


Ron Avery

Lisa Lyon Interview Ė 1/27/03; 1:30PM Texas:

The phone rang and it was a sweet young voice and she said this is Lisa Lyon and I said well hi Lisa. She was calling me about my email in which I suggested that it would be a tragedy to reject me like NASA-SETI and Life Magazine and SETI Institute did. I was excited to hear from her and showed my joy by being light hearted in the beginning. She apologized for her failure to get back with me after our first phone conversation on Jan 3, 2003. She said she was in the process of moving and that the show was being down sized. She asked me to refresh her memory on what I had told her about on the third because she talks to so many people. She said that she emembered me calling myself a hyperspace alien and everything but could not remember what I had said about that. She continued that she tries to space out the alien stuff on the show and I laughed and replied that it must be a hard job with all those space aliens calling in.

Then I repeated pretty much what I had said on the 3rd concerning my status as a hyper space alien. I said that I had been operated upon by the first hyper space alien that had the power to do so and that the result was that I became a hyper space Alien. I said that space itself was alive and has power to alter he things within it. She asked, and is this Jesus you are talking about, and I answered, yes. He was sent here by deep eternal infinite space not from another planet. That is why he is not an OT but an ET. Extra-Terrestrials are above terrestrial, from space itself. Modern society is looking for an OT or an alien from another terrestrial globe, instead of an alien from space itself. But space creates things within its self and has power to modify or alter things within it. Christ contained all space and time in his body and that is why he had the power to alter all things because all things are within his physical body.

She said, well then you are just proselytizing. No, I replied, I am just telling you what I have become and how, in terms of the language of modern industrialized society. She said you are just proselytizing, you just think everyone should follow Jesus. I said, no, I have not advocated, in our conversation, that any person, follow Jesus. But I am trying to establish that there are those who believe in space aliens and would like to become one and I know how they can become one. Should I not tell them? Why would you not like to tell them? She was quiet for a long time. She said, arenít you saying that people should just be "born again?" No, I replied, because most people donít know what that means either. This term is not understood in the new language of modern society. But I know what it means and how to explain that term to modern society in its own language.

Lisa said then this is just semantics. No, I said, because it is critical that you realize that when I say I am a hyper space alien I mean it in the same way you do and that I am dead serious in making that statement. And even if we are talking about the semantic difference between Christianity and modern industrial society, it is no ess important to arrive at the truth that both science and Christianity have been altered to make a false sociological equilibrium. I said that I did not make up the words that are used on your show or that are used by modern industrialized society. The words "space" and "UFO" and "aliens" etc., are not mine but donít you agree that I have a right to express what I have become if it meets or exceeds the definition of those words?

In fact most of our words and terms presently have no meaning including alien and space and "born again." The reason is that the truth of Christianity has been occulted by false notions of modern science. Christ is the one and only hyperspace alien that will every visit planet earth and he has performed the most powerful act through out all space for all time and all things have been translated from death into life.

Now if an alien landed in my front yard, I would have to tell him the good news that he has been operated upon by a hyper space alien. Because, you see, the alien from some other planet is still just a terrestrial like many on our planet. And he would not know about the operation of Christ Jesus because we have not been telling any thing in outer space about what Jesus did to the cosmos. I would therefore have to tell the alien that landed in my yard that he could now live forever and travel to the galaxies. She asked quickly, have you been to the galaxies? No, I replied, but I have the power to go in the future. She replied, then, phone me when you get back, and I will put you on the show. I replied, Oh, I see, one cannot be a hyper space alien unless they have already been to the galaxies. This is incorrect. I will tell you what attribute I do have that justifies the title hyper space alien, and you determine if you have heard that expressed by any other person on your show. I then stated that I contain the galaxies in my body and do not need to go to the galaxies.

Well, she said, anybody can just make up some hyperbole and insist upon it. Yes thatís true but it would still have to be true or it would be vulnerable to logic and evidence to the contrary. Have you ever heard that statement made by anyone else? No, she said, but that doesnít mean they couldnít say it. Well then, I replied, can you say that? She answered, I could say I am hyper dimensional or something and insist upon it. Oh no, wait a minute I replied, I would dispute that with you because there is no such thing as multi-dimensions. I would submit my evidence and argue against it. What I am saying about being a hyper space alien is true and defendable by definition. I do indeed contain the galaxies by the operation performed by the first hyper space alien. But there are many who cannot say that because they have not experienced the operation or know about it. The result of this operation is called the obtainment of eternal life and thatís why I was able to tell you, in our first conversation on 1/3/03, that I was immortal, because I am.

Lisa said, you are still just proselytizing, we are having Hal Lindsey on the show this week and he is not proselytizing. He is just telling us what he discovered in the Bible. I replied, yes, but why would you want to know anything about the Revelation of St. John concerning the end times and not have someone explain to you the power in Christ to deliver you from the horror that is coming as foretold in Revelations? She said, heís just going to tell us what he has found out in his research about the Bible. Yes, you won't let me tell your listeners about what I discovered about the Bible and what impact it had on me and how I became a hyper space alien with power to live eternally in space as a result?

There was an exceeding long pause where I could only hear the sound of faint typing in the background. Then she said I donít understand. I said thatís alright I donít expect everyone to understand immediately when they hear these things. But that doesnít mean that no one will understand these things. In fact thatís what makes life what it is some people will understand now some later but that doesnít mean we shouldnít talk about it. You might need some time to review my website and book or e-book to know better how to interview me. This show is not about reading books, she snapped. I just donít want somebody on the show proselytizing. I said, well everyone proselytizes what they think. They have no choice. They can only proselytize what they know. You proselytize the potential of aliens and UFOís.

There was again a long silence. She said well I will look at your website and if it looks good Iíll call you. I said, well how long will that be before I can expect a call? She said, well, I donít know. I replied, then Iíll take that as a no. She said well where do UFOs fit in your story? They donít fit very well, I replied, because they arenít very useful. As I said before, they cannot be more advanced than us because they do not know they have been operated on. The transformation of all things in space for all time by eternal space itself acting through, Christ Jesus, happened on Earth and is the most comprehensive act that will ever be performed upon the cosmos until Christ returns to operate upon it again. UFOís and aliens from other terrestrial bodies, if they existed at all, would have no good news for us. We have the good news for them.

I have not written the end of this because I canít quite remember how we closed. I remember that I was not expecting another call from you or any of your hosts. I wish we could write a better ending. Some of my friends asked me, isnít this show a call-in show? I said, yes. Well, why donít they have you on and let the audience decide? Isnít that what talk shows are about? I said yes, but thatís just what ordinary people think. Those that run the show know itís about creating the impression of open-mindedness but sticking to the well funded agenda and feeding the media created appetites of the population.

Isn't there a better ending in this story. Didn't George Noory have the great Dr. Fred Allen Wolf on just the other night and did we not hear him say that we should be free to change our minds and create the new world by choosing another reality? The reality of me being a hyper space alien is going on right now according to Wolf in a parallel world. All you have to do is choose to have me on your show, and a new reality will appear on the earth where you too can become a full hyper space alien capable of going to the galaxies forever.