Here is the most likely reason for the failure of NASA SETI and Life magazine to acknowledge the actual alien contact made. Life magazine and the NASA SETI personnel followed the philosophy outlined in Carl Sagan's book, Contact. His heroine Ellie states that:

"If we find the Message offensive we're not obliged to reply...We're very nicely quarantined from Vega."

Sagan, Tarter, Clark, Drake, and the National Science Foundation use the same logic against the Letter from the Texas Alien. The Letter from the Texas Alien was offensive and dangerous to them so they weren't obliged to reply. Not only is this Texas Alien poor by the appearance of his computer printer, grammar and such but the "scientists" could assume that their theological experiment was insulated from the Texas Alien by the U.S. government, U.S. culture, their own wealth and their own prestige and their own sciolism. While these "scientists so called" on a religious quest received $100 million, the Texas Alien is struggling just to hack out a poverty level existence in a society that hates his liberty, freedom and transformation process. The Texas Alien has little chance of reaching their "quarantined" ivory tower.

But the Texas Alien lives in America which was established as a Christian nation with law and order and Christian precepts and it is unlawful for the U.S. government to fund a religious quest of any type even a scientific religious quest, especially one that covers up a message from one who claims to have all the answers that the project itself seeks to find out. It is criminal fraud to deceive the American public by covering up an actual contact by an alien who exceeds the parameters of the established project funded with 100 million tax dollars, of which much was from Chrisitians. This alien promised to discuss with them the process of evolutionary transformation of humans into hyperspace aliens, which they expressed a desire to know in their quest to find Extraterrestrial Intelligence. They in turn promised to tell the world that they made such a contact for, they claimed, it is a message to the world, not just to NASA SETI.

Therefore, it is only reasonable that the damage done to Christianity (by the U.S. funding of the work of Rabbi Sagan and his fellow scioreligionists) be repaired with an equal funding of the Texas Alien for his dissemination of the answers to their questions with $100 million.